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  1. 2021/22


    Our schedule is a so-called 'living' document, a file that is edited as needed to reflect any current changes. Feel free to download as PDF but do make sure to check for updates regularly.

  2. our main sites

    coms & teamwork

    • design4web - Slack
      slack app icon

      A popular coms tools for web teams, we've been using Slack for our day-to-day communication as well as important updates and team work for a number of years now. Members are current and former students, teachers and invited guests only.

      This is our main communications channel (read our group agreement). If you have any questions, or need help with getting started, please let us know (email Prisca).

    • design4web - Whimsical
      whismical screenshot

      This is a handy set of tools which we can use for notes, flowcharts, wireframes and more. We have an educational account with full access. If you'd like to join us, please let us know (email Prisca).

      You'll get an invite to our shared workspace which has proven to be a very effective tool for collaboration, to give and receive feedback and discuss details.

    • design4web - Miro
      niro icon

      While Whimsical was more popular last year, Miro offers similar tools and again we have an educational account. We're including it here in case you know and want to use it, or if you'd just like to try it out. Do get in touch (email Prisca) to get an invite.

    sharing & caring

    • "One time" - 1ty.me

      A brilliant little tool for safely sending anything: "1ty.me is a simple idea, destroying a note after reading it." ~ right out of the spy movies. Seriously speaking though, it is an excellent way to share sensitive data, encrypted and deleted after the first access.

    • smallPDF - PDF tools

      A brilliant set of tools for file conversions and optimisations ~ use is free with a daily limit. If your presentation slides are heavy and cumbersome, the compression tool will do an excellent job in lightening your file weight without the loss of quality. Highly recommended.

    • we transfer

      Still one of the most popular services offering the transfer of very heavy files. So if your files are to heavy to email, this will be your best bet. Uploaded files are kept, available to download (as many time as needed) for about a week. Then the link will expire, the files deleted.

    • jitsi meet

      While we'll be using the university's offerings, i.e. MS Teams, for our online sessions, we're all for open source and freedom of choice. Jitsi is secure, open source and an excellent alternative. You can use it for impromptu chats, or to record your presentations for delivery or submissions.

  3. These links will lead to the university's intranet where you'll have to log in to gain access. This is only accessible to you as currently enrolled students ~ and yes, sadly you might have to log in more than once ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Module shortcuts

    1. Design for Web Content
    2. Content Management
    3. Applied Art for the Web
    4. User Experience Design
    5. Social Media & SEO
    6. Major Project
  4. Get support.

    The year ahead will be exciting and bring its challenges. Maybe all will go swimmingly and you'll happily immerse yourself in your studies. But maybe you're struggling with certain aspects.

    Help is at hand ~ please know that you're always welcome to talk to us. In fact, we'd very much encourage you to do so. We are your personal tutors as well as your academic tutors. However, we can only help if you come and talk to us - in person or via digital means. We won't mind ツ
    email Davidemail Prisca

    Additionally, there are various ways you can get help elsewhere too. You can ask for student support via uni and student union.

    Health and wellbeing



    Independent advice and support

    The links above will help direct you to some of the key services provided by the university. For other services and latest news, please login to the student portal.

  5. Materials & communications

    1. Website Architecture
    2. Our Slack groupour group agreement

    Core tools you will need

    1. Firefox — web browser, developer edtion (Win/MacOS/Linux)
    2. Atom — open source code editor (Win/MacOS/Linux)
    3. Filezilla — open source FTP client (Win/MacOS/Linux)
    4. Adobe CC — Students are provided with a subscription to Adobe CC

    Helpers to get you started

    1. Web Hosting Details
    2. Firefox Dev Tools (YouTube video)

    Online references you should use

    1. MDN Web Docs
    2. Codrops CSS Reference
    3. Mozilla Developer (YouTube channel)
    4. Kevin Powell (YouTube channel)

    Free e-books you should read

    1. Resilient Web Design by Jeremy Keith
    2. Designing for the Web by Mark Boulton
    3. The Shape of Design by Frank Chimero
    4. Web Style Guide by Patrick J. Lynch & Sarah Horton

    Online magazines you should subscribe to

    1. A List Apart
    2. Smashing Magazine

    Conference talks you must watch

    1. Ethan Marcotte at New Adventures 2019
    2. Jeremy Keith at New Adventures 2019

    Today's polls

    As part of today's workshop, we'll be doing some polls. All intended to allow us to get to know each other, and for you to make yourself aware of your own habits at this point. Much will change over the coming weeks and months...

    Browsing habits

    What makes a site a good website?